Welsh roots ‘weren’t reason for protest’ over Portsmouth mayor

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A CAMPAIGN group says its call for the resignation of Portsmouth’s Lord Mayor was not motivated by where she comes from.

As previously reported, The Campaign for an English Parliament arranged for a plane to fly over Portsmouth last Saturday which urged Cllr Lynne Stagg to stand down.

It came after the group was unhappy with a response it received from her in relation to whether she would support English issues.

It took action because Cllr Stagg said she was unable to comment about English governance and refused to make decisions on behalf of England, since she is Welsh.

She said that as mayor, she couldn’t make political decisions.

But Eddie Bone, the group’s campaign director, said that as mayor of an English city, Cllr Stagg should feel able to engage with issues that affects the country.

‘Our issue is not about Lynne Stagg’s self-proclaimed Welsh identity, which we hadn’t asked her about,’ he said.

‘Our concern is about her unsolicited statement that Cllr Stagg is ‘Welsh first and foremost’ and therefore felt she ‘couldn’t make decisions for England’.

‘The Campaign for an English Parliament demands a fair constitutional deal for England.’

Cllr Stagg told The News: ‘I am not making decisions for English people.

‘I don’t make decisions as Lord Mayor. It’s not one of those roles.’