West Sussex council will plug benefit gap of £200,000

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SOME parish councils will be protected from government cuts following changes to council tax benefit.

Although the government has promised a grant to assist with this loss of funding, it is not expected to cover the full amount and Chichester District Council has agreed to bridge the gap of around £200,000.

Councillor Tony Dignum, who is in charge of finance at the council, said: ‘New rules mean that from April 2013 council tax benefit will be abolished and replaced by local support to help people pay their council tax.

‘Funding for the scheme will be cut by 10 per cent.

‘This will affect West Sussex County Council, Chichester District Council, the police and parish councils.’

Other recommendations to be made to the next full council include setting a minimum payment of £1 per week and removing the second adult rebate for working age people from April 1 2014 and not to accept new claims from April 1 2013.

Only 34 people will be affected by this change.