Will anyone make a dent in the Conservatives’ Havant majority?

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HAVANT’S Labour party say they are targeting Warren Park in the hope of turning it red.

Out of 38 seats on the borough council only two are Liberal Democrat and one Labour, Terry Hart, who is defending his Bondfields seat.

He said he feels one of the seats they could pick up is Warren Park which has been all blue for the past two years.

Cllr Hart cited the coalition cuts which has led to the ward’s Park Families children’s centre being put at risk as a major issue.

Park Futures, the charity which had always run the children’s centre, lost the contract to Action for Children and there is no guarantee all services will continue to be based there.

There is a risk they will be moved to West Leigh and Leigh Park children’s centres which are two bus rides away for most people on the estate.

Labour’s Richard Brown lost his Warren Park seat in 2010.

He said: ‘At the last meeting about Park Families’ future there was a lot of anger directed at the Tories.

‘I’ve got four kids and the children’s centre has been really good to me over the years. We cannot lose it and I intend to fight to keep it.’

But Mike Sceal, the current incumbent, has distanced himself from the decision makers nationally and at Hampshire County Council.

The 50-year-old engineer said: ‘I’m 110 per cent behind the children’s centre staying where it is.

‘I know this is a hot topic and I’m going to make sure all the services stay in Warren Park.

‘I think the people see this is obviously something that Hampshire County Council has driven, not Havant Borough Council. I’m for the local people.’

Mr Sceal beat Liberal Democrat Ann Brown by just 24 votes in 2008.

The 70-year-old grandmother is set to stand against him again and will be campaigning on the issue.

She said: ‘I’ve just become a grandmother again and I know how vital the children’s centre is for Warren Park families. The Tories at county have handled this very badly.’