Will the Tories in Gosport Tories become more dominant?

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Gosport’s ruling Conservatives are hoping to swell their numbers on the back of big milestones for the town in the last 12 months.

Construction of the new Gosport Leisure Park and the designation of HMS Daedalus as a government Enterprise Zone are two recent big achievements.

Gosport Borough Council is ruled by the Conservatives who have 23 seats.

The Lib Dems have five, and there are three Labour and three independent councillors.

Most councillors from the 17 wards up for grabs on May 3 are defending their seats but with five stepping down, the fight is on.

Tory leader, Cllr Mark Hook, said: ‘Three years of no council tax increase and delivering on Holbrook are key things. There is also the BRT route and jobs on Daedalus with the Enterprise Zone. We are fielding candidates in all 17 wards and each candidate has something to offer the people of Gosport.’

Lib Dem leader, Cllr Peter Chegwyn, said: ‘We expect to make gains this year. There is a feeling that the council in Gosport has failed to attract business and jobs in the town. There is a lack of investment in the town centre coupled with a criticism of parking charges. And people want investment on the A32.’

Labour’s Cllr Dennis Wright added: ‘We are hopeful we will make gains.

‘Most of the people we’ve spoken to are telling us they’re fed up with the economic climate and decisions the current government has made.’