Winchester City Council election results

Cyclists’ safety a big issue ahead of local elections

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It was a good night for the Tories at Winchester City Council.

The Conservatives had previously clung to power only through the help of two independents, but now have overall control by the narrowest of margins.

The Tory group have 29 seats, the Lib Dems 25, Labour two and one independent.


Stephen Miller, Con 1024

Roy Stainton, Lib Dem 379

Stephen Haines, Lab 282

Majority 645

Turnout 31.29%

Con gain


Neil Cutler, Lib Dem 302

John Cooper, Con * 217

Margaret Rudge, Lab 23

Majority 85

Turnout 52.36%

Lib Dem gain from Con


Mike Read, Con * 1,242

Margaret Scriven, Lib Dem 209

David Picton-Jones, Lab 185

Majority 1,033

Turnout 29.86%

Con hold


Linda Gemmell, Con * 691

Pat Hayward, Lab 186

Roger Bentote, Lib Dem 178

Majority 505

Turnout 33.39%

Con hold


Vivian Achwal, Lib Dem * 423

Pat Thew, Con 249

Sheena King, Lab 68

Majority 174

Turnout 31.06%

Lib Dem hold


Therese Evans, Lib Dem * 874

Caroline Dibden, Con 339

Robert Rudge, Lab 72

Majority 535

Turnout 38.32%

Lib Dem hold