‘Wish list’ of road projects to help improve safety

Traffic light improvements are part of the plan
Traffic light improvements are part of the plan
A new Lidl will be built on Hayling Island

New Hayling Island Lidl is given green light by planners

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PORTSMOUTH City Council has set out a 20-project wishlist of road and traffic improvements for the city.

The £2m Transport Implementation Plan, to be brought in over the next 12 months, is designed to cut carbon emissions, encourage business growth and make travel in the city safer and easier.

072201_94TWENTYSIGNS_SR_30/5/07'The 20 mph sign in Talbot Road Portsmouth.''PICTURE:STEVE REID(072201-94)

072201_94TWENTYSIGNS_SR_30/5/07'The 20 mph sign in Talbot Road Portsmouth.''PICTURE:STEVE REID(072201-94)

The council’s transport department’s strategic manager Pam Turton said: ‘The list is of the things we’d like to do in the next 12 months, though we have to send them out for consultation and then for tender by companies first.

‘We have had input from the public and our officers have worked around the city to see what our priorities should be.

‘We believe they can help everyone in the city, car drivers, public transport users, pedestrians and cyclists.’

Projects included on the list are plans to make Eastern Road two-lane southbound between Milton Road and Swordsands Road, replacing an existing traffic island with a toucan crossing and modifying Milton Road’s traffic lights to improve traffic flow and pedestrian crossing.

Others include reconstructing traffic light junctions on Elm Grove and Albert Road, Southsea, to provide extra crossing facilities for pedestrians.

And kerbs are to be raised at every bus stop in the city, to help older people, those with buggies and young children and others to get on and off.

Ms Turton said: ‘There is a problem with transport in Portsmouth, because we have roads which weren’t designed to carry the amount of traffic there is in the city today, and there isn’t enough space to widen them.

‘But we can improve traffic flow and make it easier for people to cycle and use public transport, which will help reduce the pressure.

‘For that reason, we plan to give buses greater priority on Isambard Brunel Road, and create one-way systems.’

The council will set aside grants of up to £1,000 for schools to help them encourage sustainable transport use, and plans to introduce 20mph zones at Corpus Christi School on Gladys Avenue, North End, and at Copnor Infant and Junior Schools, Copnor.

The work will be carried out by private companies, so the council has so far refused to reveal how much each individual scheme will cost.

The plan is scaled down from original £2.6m proposals, which included schemes for air quality monitoring units that have now been ditched.

The city’s leader for transport Cllr Jason Fazackarley said: ‘We have put a couple of things on the reserve list, and we’ll be looking to raise the extra cash so we can add them at some point later this year.

‘One way we might be able to do that is if we can get a good deal on the projects which are on the list now, which will help the city.’

The public will be consulted on the schemes as the process continues in the summer.