Woman tells council to clean up shabby Gosport alley

MESS Caroline Phipps is angry about the untidy alleyway near her home. Picture: Steve Reid (132566-146)
MESS Caroline Phipps is angry about the untidy alleyway near her home. Picture: Steve Reid (132566-146)
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FURIOUS Caroline Phipps was left fuming when overgrowing weeds and dog mess took over an alleyway near her home.

Mrs Phipps, of Netherton Road, in Forton, Gosport, was left appalled at the state of the shabby alleyway.

The path connects Avery Lane and Kingsley Road and is known as Witch’s Alley.

Mrs Phipps called Gosport Borough Council to report the path around two months ago as it was covered with weeds and dog mess.

She said: ‘When I first rang up it was about the dog mess and about the weeds.

‘I was told by Streetscene it was done a rota.

‘All the weeds that have died off are still there.

‘There are brambles growing in bits and pieces on the path.’

She was dismayed when work was not carried out after she reported it to the council over a period of two months.

But she added the council has since cleared up the dog mess left in the alley.

She said: ‘There are a lot of mothers who use it to take their kids to school.

‘If there’s someone with a pushchair and someone walking in the opposite direction, someone has to stop to let the other person through.

‘Normally two people could quite comfortably walk down there in either direction.’

Councillor Keith Farr is one of two ward members representing Forton residents at the council.

He told The News the alley is a persistent problem.

‘This keeps getting overgrown,’ he said.

‘It’s disgusting, it’s not until someone has a go at the council that it gets done.

‘It’s one of those that get overlooked.

‘I’m not happy, I’ve been on to the council quite a few times about this.’

In a statement Gosport council said it will now arrange for the overgrowth to be cut back.

It added Hampshire County Council has overall responsible for the alley, which is a public highway.

The statement said: ‘It is cleansed by Urbaser, Gosport council’s contractor, every four weeks.

‘Any overgrown foliage or shrubs from properties adjacent to the alleyway should be reported to Hampshire who would have to issue the residents concerned a notice requesting it be cut back.’