Work on Waterlooville recycling centre starts

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WORK begins this month on building a new £900,000 recycling centre for Waterlooville.

The new household waste recycling centre will have a bigger capacity than the existing one in Hambledon Road.

Hampshire County Council contractors will begin building the cemtre at Old Park Farm, which is part of the Waterlooville Major Development Area.

The existing facility will remain open until the new site is ready, which is expected to be in November.

The move will also allow Sainsbury’s to build a supermarket on the site of the old centre.

Councillor Mel Kendal, who is in charge of environment in Hampshire, said: ‘The current Waterlooville centre is no longer large enough to cope with the level of usage it receives, and consequently during busy periods it can get very congested, both within the site and in the adjacent retail park.

‘The new site will be a big improvement with more capacity and better segregation between householders and operational vehicles.’

The improved centre will make it easier for people to deposit household waste and recyclables as they will no longer have to climb steps.

There will be four more bins than the current site.

The £900,000 has been obtained through developers’ contributions.