Yellow lines planned to curb parking woes

Yellow lines
Yellow lines
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MORE yellow lines are set to be added to residential roads in Havant to prevent parking from nearby workers.

A pilot scheme will restrict parking in the Langstone area within the next two months.

The limited enforcement will be in Southbrook Road, Southbrook Close and Hamilton Close.

Michelle Green, Havant Borough Council’s parking and traffic management team leader, said: ‘We expect the Traffic Road Order will include single yellow lines at strategic locations and leave areas of on-street parking where it is deemed safe.

‘This approach allows us to quickly deal with the highlighted safety concerns and gives us time to consult with residents on a permanent scheme.’

The yellow lines will also be extended to Longmead Gardens and Langstone Avenue – to stop drivers looking for new places to park on adjacent roads once the order is brought in.

The parking order was discussed after residents raised concerns over the safety and accessibility of their roads.

People felt their roads were becoming overcrowded with workers who would take their spaces as they parked their car in the residential roads for the whole working day.

Drivers from local businesses who were not provided with enough parking spaces are then forced to leave their cars in the roads leading from Langstone Technology Park.

The changes will be in place for 18 months and could be extended if the residents and council feel the safety and ease of access in the roads has improved.

During the first six months, a public workshop will be held to give residents the chance to have their say on the scheme.

Nigel Armstrong, a resident of Langstone, welcomed the scheme, but said more parking facilities were needed across Havant for business workers.

He said: ‘It will apparently reduce the problem and it may be a way of shifting the attitude of the various people generating the problem. But it won’t be a long-term solution.’

A similar scheme has been introduced in West Street.