Youth topics to be aired at a council meeting

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FOUR members of Hampshire’s youth parliament are preparing for an annual event where issues important to young people are discussed.

Among them is deputy member Chloe Shield, 14, from Bridgemary School, in Wych Lane, Gosport, who will be going to Leeds next weekend, in order to prepare for a debate in the House of Commons later this year.

She will join 250 other members of the UK Youth Parliament to debate issues, such as education, youth unemployment and the minimum wage, as well as take part in workshops and skill sessions.

The members will also vote to decide which topics should be incorporated in the UKYP manifesto.

Following the event, MYPs will vote on what issues from the manifesto will be put to a national ballot of young people aged between 11 and 18 across the UK, to determine the UK Youth Parliament’s priority campaign for 2014.

The top five topics will then be debated at the House of Commons sitting in November, where one will be chosen.