POLL RESULTS: Should drivers be able to use mobile phones while waiting in traffic?

Gridlocked traffic
Gridlocked traffic
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The results are in, and readers have had their say on whether it is acceptable to use mobile phones while stuck in traffic.

It comes after claims that drivers were using mobile phones while waiting in queues following Monday’s bin lorry crash on the M27.

Two people were injured when the lorry crashed, causing long delays as police shut the lanes surrounding the incident.

They later warned people against using phones in traffic following a nationwide campaign to discourage drivers from using the devices while on the move.

But in a surprising twist, 73% of The News readers said in our Facebook poll that it was acceptable to use a phone behind the wheel if traffic was not moving.

27% voted the other way, saying that using a phone while driving is never acceptable.

Commenting on Facebook, Neil Rafferty said: ‘If you’re caught using your phone then you should lose your licence a least for 12 months and made to take your test again. That’s the only way people will start listening.’

But Danny Bryant said: ‘If your not moving what’s the problem. If you don’t move when you can though that’s a problem.’

It is illegal to use a mobile phone when you are driving a vehicle, including if you are waiting at a traffic light or in a traffic queue.

Last month lorry driver Tomasz Kroker, from Hampshire, was jailed for 10 years for killing a mother and three children by ploughing into their stationary car while looking at his mobile phone.