POLL RESULTS: What our readers think of the Queen

Picture by David Bailey of Queen Elizabeth II, taken in 2014.
Picture by David Bailey of Queen Elizabeth II, taken in 2014.
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On February 6 Queen Elizabeth II became the first reigning monarch of England to reach her sapphire jubilee - 65 years on the throne.

In celebration of this event, The News conducted a poll to see what our readers really thought about the reign of the Queen.

Eight out of ten people that voted agreed that the Queen is a vital part of British culture and represents our country’s citizens.

The support from our readers for the Queen is also evident as 65 per cent of voters do not want the Queen to step down from the throne.

Figures also show that in 65 years time, 71 per cent of voters believe we will still have a monarchy.

But one in two of readers believe that she is less popular than she was 65 years ago, compared to the 37 per cent that argue she is more popular. When asked about the Queen’s successor, 53 per cent said Prince Charles should step aside to let Prince William become king, with 47 per cent saying the Prince of Wales should take the throne.

Mark James commented on our Facebook page: ‘I for one am proud of our monarch. The way she has reigned is inspiring.

‘Such servitude not to mention the prosperity the royal family brings to this country. Long may she reign.’

On the other hand Ken Brown argues that she is ‘Unelected and unwanted!’

Karen Graham said: ‘She needs to let someone else take over, not Charles, let William.’

575 people answered at least one question. Results above were as the poll stood at 1.00pm on 7/02/17.

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