Pompey fan battling for end to nightmare

Micah Hall
Micah Hall
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A FOOTBALL fan who faced financial ruin after writing a blog about Pompey is still battling to put the nightmare behind him.

Micah Hall wrote posts about members of the Keith Harris consortium – which announced it wanted to take over the club – last year before fans bought Pompey.

One of the articles focused on Malaysian bankers Pascal Najadi and his father Hussain, and prompted father and son to threaten Micah and fansnetwork.com, on which the blog was published, with court action unless the blog was removed and an apology issued.

The Najadis pursued legal action against Mr Hall.

However, after months of legal wrangling the case was struck out by the court, with the Najadis being ordered to pay Mr Hall’s legal costs.

Despite this, Julia Varley, solicitor at David Price Solicitors and Advocates, has said Pascal Najadi has failed to recognise the costs order against him and his late father – and as yet has not paid a penny towards Mr Hall’s costs.

Now Mr Hall’s legal firm has been granted an order to force Pascal Najadi to disclose details of any assets he holds in England and Wales and also to look to enforce the costs order against the Najadis in Malaysia.

Mr Hall said: ‘He’s refused to return contact, he’s not paying. But we continue to pursue him.’

Mr Hall said the process has been difficult for him.

He said: ‘It’s cost me an absolute fortune. It’s had a terrible effect on me financially and on my family.

‘I had to sell my house. It’s been a long, difficult and nightmarish process but sometimes in life you have to do these things.’

He added: ‘This is not going to go away. It will be here forever sitting and waiting for him.’

Julia Varley said: ‘This case highlights the difficulty faced by defendants who were sued for libel by foreign claimants with no real connections with England and Wales which prompted the change in our libel laws that was brought in at the beginning of the year.

‘Although the claim against Micah has been struck out and he has been awarded his costs, unfortunately that is not the end of the story as he has another battle on his hands to recover his costs.’