Pompey Trust ‘has acted properly in giving life-saving loan’

Micah Hall says the money he received was a 'lifesaver'
Micah Hall says the money he received was a 'lifesaver'
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  • Micah Hall is grateful to the Pompey Supporter’s Trust for loaning him £2,990
  • He said the money was ‘life-saving’ and he is starting to pay it back
  • The money was for legal fees after Pascal Najadi took Mr Hall to court
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MONEY loaned to Micah Hall by Pompey Supporters’ Trust was ‘life-saving’ for him and his family.

The former engagement officer for the club was given £2,990 to pay for legal fees after he was taken to court by Pascal Najadi and his late father Hussain over a blog posting.

The money was life-saving for my family who otherwise would have faced bankruptcy

Micah Hall

But the decision proved controversial and director Mick Williams stood down from the trust at the weekend.

Now Mr Hall has explained how valuable the help was.

He said: ‘The money was life-saving for my family, who otherwise would have faced bankruptcy.

‘I think the trust has acted properly in its handling of the situation.

‘I was really grateful that the trust offered to give me the money and it was a big help.

‘The money will be used to pay the legal fees of the court case or it will go back into trust funds.

‘I’m confident that everyone has acted in good faith and in the best interests.’

The cash given to Mr Hall was raised two years ago through donations via Pompey’s 12th Man scheme.

The trust, which was looking after the money, gave it to Mr Hall, who has now started paying it back.

He thanked PST for being so supportive. ‘The trust has been very supportive of me,’ he added. ‘I’m repaying the money as per the agreement and it will be paid in full by the time agreed.’

But the decision to give the money to Mr Hall saw director of the trust Mr Williams step down.
There’s no indication of any wrongdoing by the trust but Mr Williams is thought to have objected to the fact that not every trust board member was informed of Mr Hall being loaned fans’ money – and therefore stood down on Saturday.
It is understood to be one of the reasons behind his resignation, as well as having a disagreement with fellow board member and trust treasurer Steve Tovey.
The trust said it is not its place to say why Mr Williams has stood down.
The case stems from a blog by Mr Hall mentioning Malaysian bankers Mr Najadi and his late father. When he refused to take it down, pursued legal action against him. That case was thrown out of court and the Najadis were ordered to pay Mr Hall’s legal fees.
But Mr Hall’s lawyers are still trying to chase Mr Najadi for the cash that he owes.