Portchester Lake sailors calls mum to aid rescue

Portsmouth coastguard called to reports of a body near Chichester

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A MARINER needed to be rescued after getting stuck in a muddy harbour at low tide.

The man rang his mother to get help after getting stuck in Portchester Lake near Port Solent.

The man attempted to get out of his boat and walk to shore but got trapped up to his waist in mud.

Solent Coastguard’s mud rescue team, police and paramedics were called out at about 6pm on Saturday and ventured out on to the mud in fading light.

A coastguard spokesman said the man had managed to crawl his way back to his dinghy by the time they arrived.

The spokesman said: ‘He was stuck in his dinghy.

‘He rang his mother and she rang us.

‘Portsmouth’s mud team got the sleigh out and they put him on the sleigh and dragged him in.’

Ambulance crews were waiting at Southampton Road, Portchester, at about 7pm, but the man was uninjured.

The coastguard spokesman added: ‘By 7.09pm all personnel and the casualty were safely back ashore.’