Portchester to Paulsgrove coastal defence plans get residents' thumbs up

RESIDENTS have backed '˜clever' plans to reduce the risk of flooding along the coast from Paulsgrove to Portchester.

Tuesday, 2nd August 2016, 6:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 3rd August 2016, 10:25 am
Fareham Borough councillor Geoff Fazackarley at an exhibition of plans for £9m of flooding work at Portchester

The Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership (ESCP) unveiled updated designs of their coastal strategy between the two districts at a public exhibition on Thursday at Castle Street Centre in Portchester.

Their proposals would see Southampton Road protected by a sloping revetment to protect the busy route from waves, a vertical concrete wall built around Trafalgar Wharf and a replacement wall around Portchester Castle.

It is hoped that the proposals, if approved, would reduce the risk to 410 properties from flooding and cost around £9.5m in construction and maintenance over the next hundred years.

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Ian Currie, of Hill Road, said: ‘It’s very interesting. It sure looks like the defences will be a lot sturdier according to these designs.

‘There’s a lot of clever ideas here and I think it’s good that the slope won’t compromise the visual impact, especially on Southampton Road as it’s a great view out on to the Solent.’

David Lympany, of Portchester added: ‘It all looks very good to me.

‘This area is really at risk of flooding on occasion so I just hope that this does the job. It certainly looks like a good plan and fills me with some level of confidence.

The sea wall at Southampton Road was badly damaged after adverse weather conditions last March when Storm Katie descended upon Portsmouth.

The ESCP carried out works on the wall later last year but they are looking for a more permanent solution to fixing the sea wall around the area.

Derek Fazackerley, Fareham borough councillor Portchester West said of the plans: ‘I’m pleased with the designs. I genuinely believe a work has gone into it as it has taken a long time to get to this point.’

Work could get underway from 2018 if the plans are approved.