Portsmouth chairty’s plea for wheelchairs to be returned

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PLEASE give back our wheelchairs. That is the plea from the volunteers at a Red Cross centre in Portsmouth.

The centre, specifically for disabled people, loans out wheelchairs for people who need them in the short term.

But, it only has two wheelchairs left out of 24 after people borrowed them and failed to return them.

Diana Sillence, a volunteer for the centre in Robinson Way, Anchorage Park, said: ‘We’re calling for people to please return the wheelchairs they have borrowed from us.

‘They are allowed them for three months but that’s it.

‘We send out messages and notices reminding people but with no luck.’

The centre even has wheelchairs owed to them from summer last year.

Diane added: ‘Our wheelchairs are for short-term use and anyone who still needs it should see their doctor.’

Anyone who has had their wheelchair for over three months should contact the centre on (023) 9265 4341 or visit them between 10am and midday.