Portsmouth council tax hike will ‘cause real pain’

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LOW-EARNERS and families in Portsmouth will ‘really struggle’ after plans to hike up council taxes in Portsmouth were approved.

The city council’s ex-Labour leader, Councillor John Ferrett, expressed his concerns over a move to increase council tax by 4.49 per cent – which was green-lit last night.

The tax hike will see residents in a band D property pay £1,336.61 a year from April.

Cllr Ferrett said: ‘People are going to find that a real struggle. That will bring a real pain to people out there.’

Portsmouth has lost out on £94m from the government since austeriry measures came into force seven years ago.

Council leader Donna Jones said: ‘No-one wants to increase council tax if it can be avoided but the growing costs in social care have left little choice and protecting our most vulnerable residents is a top priority.’