Portsmouth drivers second worst in UK for road rage

Portsmouth drivers are the second worst in the UK for road rage, figures have revealed
Portsmouth drivers are the second worst in the UK for road rage, figures have revealed
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Portsmouth drivers are the second worst in the UK for road rage, new figures have revealed.

A new study found Portsmouth motorists was only narrowly beaten by Lincoln for being angry behind the wheel, with Peterborough, Hull and Exeter all joint third.

Surprisingly, London places only 13th, despite the capital’s reputation for congestion and unfriendly drivers.

The friendliest and most polite place to drive a car was found to be Nottingham, followed by Glasgow and Oxford.

The report, carried out by Privilege Insurance, found on average Brits are most likely to be involved in a road rage event every 20 minutes.

Each road rage event was found to last on average just over 4 minutes, including the time we spend fuming about it afterwards.

Overall, the study showed that we spend, on average, five months of our lives in a road rage event.

The report also found that road rage was most likely to occur at 7.30am on a Monday morning.

The average British driver has been on the receiving end of a road rage event 183 times in the last six months and, far from turning the other cheek, 47 per cent gave as good as they got, returning the favour with a verbal or gestural volley of their own.

When asked about what they get het up about, impatience and basic bad manners were the root causes of most situations, with ‘cutting up’ (62 per cent), ‘driving too close behind me’ (51 per cent) and ‘not saying “thank you”’ (27 per cent), cited as likely things to anger motorists.

Privilege head of car insurance Charlotte Fielding said: ‘Road rage is the ugly face of motoring, and even at the milder end of the spectrum, can lead to accidents as drivers leave the scene focused on the argument or perceived wrong doing, instead of their driving.’

The UK’s top ten worst towns and cities for road rage:

1. Lincoln - 61%

2. Portsmouth - 60%

=3. Peterborough, Hull, Exeter - 54%

6. Wolverhampton - 52%

7. Bristol - 51%

8. Canterbury - 47%

=9. Birmingham, Leeds - 46%

=11. Newcastle, Southampton - 43%

13. London - 41%

14. Manchester - 40%

15. Cambridge - 38%

(Table shows the percentage of drivers who regularly experience road rage)