Portsmouth escape rooms The Real Escape hit the road with its unique mobile set-up

THE mind-bending, team-bonding, head-scratching thrill of escape rooms is now being offered in a mobile format as The Real Escape goes on the road with a perplexing new set of games.

By kimberley.barber1
Saturday, 16th March 2019, 2:29 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th March 2019, 2:49 pm

The games, called MindSet, involves 12 challenges that can be set up in any number and combination in any office, hotel or venue to put teams to the test as they solve clues to try to crack them open.

MindSet is to be transported to companies all over the south by Portsmouth-based The Real Escape, which opened with a single room in 2016 and now welcomes dozens of teams each month to play its locked room games.

The game set, which can be tailored according to size and budget, gives players an insight into how well they fare with problem solving, time management, leadership and teamwork.

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Hosted by professional games masters and catering for any number from five to 250 players, it is believed to be the first game set of its type to be offered to businesses in the UK.

Andras Szabo, managing director, said: ‘We have had thousands of players through our doors since we began and, particularly in teams of people who work together, it is fascinating to see how players interact with each other.

‘We find out who is the boss, who takes control, who quietly works out the answers before speaking up, and how well those personality types work together. Often the results are surprising – the boss isn’t always the one who ends up in a leadership role, while people who seem quiet suddenly become very vocal.

‘As well as being a lot of fun, MindSet is designed to test those characteristics in a way that is particularly relevant in a business context. Whether it’s part of a team building day, a work night out or networking event, we can make MindSet a memorable and bespoke experience that teams will love playing while learning about themselves and each other.’

For more go to therealescape.co.uk.