Portsmouth families upset as filth overflows drain

)''Lucy Hope with her children Poppy-Leigh Rew (3) and Bradley-James Balchin (7).''''Picture: Sarah Standing (141829-945)
)''Lucy Hope with her children Poppy-Leigh Rew (3) and Bradley-James Balchin (7).''''Picture: Sarah Standing (141829-945)
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PARENTS have been left disgusted after a drain overflowed and spilled sewage onto the street close to their homes.

Lucy Hope lives with her two children Bradley-James, seven, and Poppy-Leigh, three, in Fort Cumberland Road, Eastney.

The 29-year-old moved in 13 months ago and said that every six months a manhole bursts open, pumping out sewage and waste onto her doorstep.

It happened again earlier this week.

She said: ‘Bradley-James had a filling and it was causing him pain so I went to collect him from school.

‘When I got back at 12.30pm I was disgusted to see sewage everywhere.

‘There was tampons, toilet paper, faeces, and the smell was just horrible.

‘I’ve lived here for 13 months and this has happened twice.

‘There was just a river of sewage coming out and the smell was awful.

‘My children should not be exposed to such conditions in this day and age.

‘This time the sewage came on to grass in front of my home, so it was literally on my doorstep.’

Lucy said when she called Southern Water, the firm recognised it was an urgent problem and would send someone over in the next 24 hours.

She said: ‘I couldn’t believe they realised it was urgent, but then said it could be 24 hours before they send someone out. In the end it was a four-hour wait.

‘But until then my kids had to stay inside. I was worried about the sanitation and I couldn’t even open the windows because of the smell.’

Fellow neighbour Jasmine Eden, 31, has lived in the street for four years.

She said: ‘This has happened every six months.

‘At first we thought it was going to get fixed, but then it kept on happening.

‘When it overflows the smell makes you gag.’

Southern Water said the blockage was caused by a large amount of fat that had solidified and asked people to throw cooled fat away in the bin.

A spokesman said: ‘This was an unpleasant situation and we would like to apologise to the residents.

‘The problem was caused by a blocked sewer, which meant wastewater overflowed from a manhole as it had nowhere else to go. We are arranging a closer inspection of the sewer.’