Portsmouth fans debate Blues’ winning streak

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Pompey’s impressive start to the campaign has left them contemplating equalling a 119-year record.

Bristol Rovers marked a fourth-successive victory at the start of the League One campaign.

Tom Naylor tussles with James Clarke during the 2-1 win at Bristol Rovers. Picture: Joe Pepler

Tom Naylor tussles with James Clarke during the 2-1 win at Bristol Rovers. Picture: Joe Pepler

Now Kenny Jackett’s side are eyeing joining Frank Burrows’ class of 1979-80 as the only Blues team to register five-in-a-row from opening league fixtures.

On Facebook page Portsmouth FC – The News and portsmouth.co.uk, the Fratton faithful have had their say on the winning start to the season.

On Saturday, the Blues travel to Doncaster, although Matt Bridgman is wary.

He said: ‘Doncaster always seem to have the beating of us and they are not a bad side at all, if we can come away from there with anything I'll consider that a good result.

‘If we win then the rest of the teams in the league really had better watch out.’

An encouraged Edward Walton said: ‘Been reading some forums who think we play ugly but are effective with our long balls, and clinical.

‘They reckon most of the teams that gain promotion play like this so lets hope they are right? Early days yet, but keep up the good work guys!’

Andrew Baker reflects on previous Pompey experience during his assessment.

He said: ‘I remember a season back in the 1980s where we had nothing but positive results, time after time from the first half of the season at Fratton Park.

‘The more games we won, the more the following teams would try to defend against us. Like lambs to the slaughter they'd turn up and with every passing result the following opposition would be less and less adventurous, until that was I believe Plymouth came and actually attacked us and won.

‘Let's not kid ourselves, we were a good side back then, but maybe not quite as good as all the hype would have many believe. The moral of the story is simple, "whilst the sun shines make hay".

‘Opposing managers, teams and supporters will all have a little nervousness about just how good we really are. Let's just keep them believing that we are invincible... for how ever long it lasts.’

Finally, Adrian Timms has a word of warning.

He said: ‘My criticism is taking the foot off the pedal once we score, every time. Something always happens for example the penalty and own goals.

‘It hasn’t cost us yet and hopefully it won’t, but please just keep playing the attacking football and smash everyone as bad as Oxford.’