Portsmouth film maker wants to see more support for city’s creative minds

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As the Making Waves Film Festival comes to its conclusion this weekend, one movie-maker is aiming to get more people in Portsmouth involved in the industry.

Sam Mason-Bell has been creating films since he was 11, but says he has yet to see film-makers in the city gain the recognition he believes they deserve.

Sam Mason-Bell, film maker

Sam Mason-Bell, film maker

Since forming the film group Trash Arts with other film lovers in 2007, the 26-year-old has seen talented directors, cameramen, actors and actresses try and create a stronger film presence in Portsmouth.

As part of the Making Waves event, organised in conjunction with the Kings Theatre, Sam was part of the judging panel of the short film showcase, which featured several up-and-coming local film-makers.

He said: ‘Film in this city has become so much more of a collaborative thing and that is something I want to see more of.

‘I’m not going to lie, it does take a lot of hard work to create even a 12-minute short.

‘But if you love something then you should do everything you can to pursue it.

‘Film making is all about giving everyone an opportunity and it is only now that people in this city are finally getting the recognition they deserve.’

After seeing more than 250 short films submitted to this year’s festival – many coming from Portsmouth – Sam, of St Andrew’s Road, Southsea, wants to see more support for the creative minds of this city.

With more film clubs such as Portsmouth Film Society, No6 Cinema and Trash Arts popping up around the city, he aims to organise bigger film events.

‘There is so much effort put into things like Victorious I would love to see that much love shown towards film,’ added Sam.

‘Maybe not a giant event, but we have to start somewhere.

‘We need a place where people can hire equipment and just go out and shoot.

‘I want people to be thinking about making films all year round, not just for the week of Making Waves.’