Portsmouth fire: Readers’ picture slideshow

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This wreath for Gosport football coach Ronnie Williamson was destroyed - while his funeral was still taking place. 'Picture: Ian Hargreaves

College vows launches ‘disciplinary action’ after wreath trashed at funeral

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These are pictures sent by readers of the dramatic fire in Portsmouth today.

The blaze at a recycling plant caused a huge smoke column to rise over the city.

Readers sending pictures included Alison Nugent, Brian Heath, Bunny Bun, Fiona McInnes, George Mahoney, Hannah Victoria Smith, Jess Beard, Louise Slade, Marijan Selwyn, Mark Cox, Nan Hu, Nathan Duncan and Nathan Griggs.

Thanks to all those who have sent us photographs.If you have pictures or video, please email them to pictures@thenews.co.uk