Portsmouth gas smell 'not coming from our network’

Gunwharf Quays
Gunwharf Quays
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A STRONG smell of gas around the Portsmouth region has not come from the city itself, the gas provider has confirmed.

Reports have been made about a strong smell of gas in the city and surrounding towns, which has been looked into by gas company SGN.

Although SGN has received a number of calls, it has confirmed that the smell is not due to an issue with its network.

Spokesman Dan Brown said: ‘We’ve received several calls this morning regarding a smell in the air in the Solent and Isle of Wight area.

There’s nothing to suggest the smell is coming from our network, however, we would always recommend that anyone who can smell gas should contact the national gas emergency number on 0800 111 999.’

The exact source of the smell is currently unknown.

A similar issue occurred back in 2013, when gas wafted over the English Channel from Rouen, Normandy.

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