Portsmouth group started for the unemployed, retired and students

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A GROUP is being created to represent the unemployed, students, and retired people.

It is being created by union Unite and aims to represent those not covered by trade unions.

Mark Osgood, a Unite community member, said: ‘Across Portsmouth, communities feel like they don’t have a voice.

‘Unite community membership is going to help change that. We think it’s time people who don’t have a job for whatever reason are now going to have access to the benefits of trade union membership.

‘This kind of activism will allow communities to come together and get organised to create change.

‘I’m looking forward to working with people throughout the city, helping them identify their own campaigning priorities.

‘Ordinary members will decide how community membership develops, and I’m excited to see what good ideas people have.’

The group will be officially launched at a public meeting on March 20, at the Portsmouth Rail Social Club, in Selbourne Terrace, Fratton, at 7pm.

To find out more, call (023) 9298 5877 or email info@portsmoutcommunity.org.