Portsmouth ‘is unfriendliest area in Hampshire’

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PORTSMOUTH is the unfriendliest area in Hampshire according to a university study.

The University of Cambridge created a personality map for the whole of the UK looking at different traits such as extraversion, friendliness, conscientiousness, emotional stability and openness.

The online survey took over two years and involved almost 400,000 people took part from all 380 local authority areas of England, Wales and Scotland.

The project was conducted by Cambridge University and the BBC’s Lab UK project, with the results published in the journal PLOS ONE.

Out of 100 questions people completed, 44 were designed to rank their personalities according to five well-established personality traits: extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism and openness.

In the results, it was revealed that Portsmouth had a rating of just 39.9 out of 100 for friendliness which is significantly lower than Gosport which came in as second friendliest with a score of 60.6.

Fareham scored 52.5 with Havant getting 47. Eastleigh was found to be the friendliest, just ahead of Gosport with 63.4.

Portsmouth was also at the bottom for the conscientiousness trait with a score of 37.2. Fareham was seen as the most conscientious for the county with 63.2 and was closely followed by Gosport (61.1) and Havant (57.2).

But the people of Portsmouth were found to be most open in Hampshire with a rating of 56.1. Havant had a score of 44.7 which was higher than both Gosport (36.1) and Fareham which came in the last for Hampshire at 31.7.

Havant was the lowest in the extroversion category with a score of 38.1. Fareham and Gosport had similar ratings of 45.6 and 44.7 respectively with Portsmouth achieving a score of 52.9.

For emotional stability Portsmouth and Havant had similar scores of 51.1 and 49.9 respectively with Fareham and Gosport also coming out with close ratings of 41.3 and 42.5.

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