Portsmouth man forced to live with rats in association flat

(l-r) Robert Bradley and his partner Darren Pearson. ''Picture: Sarah Standing (142616-7443)
(l-r) Robert Bradley and his partner Darren Pearson. ''Picture: Sarah Standing (142616-7443)
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RATS have been haunting the dreams of a man whose home has been infested for months.

And the nightmare is not over for Robert Bradley, 31, who lives at a First Wessex-owned home in Green Road, Southsea.

Mr Bradley, said living with the creatures for the past four months had been horrible for him and his partner, Darren Pearson, 30.

He said: ‘It has been a bit creepy. Every time we heard a noise we jumped up. It was living in terror.

‘They’ve gone into the cavity walls as well so we heard scratching like something wanted to get out.

‘I even found a rat in my boiler-room cupboard.

‘There’s been a live rat running around in my flat.’

Mr Bradley, who has lived at the property for six years, said the housing association had not done enough to get rid of the rats.

He urged the association to find him new accommodation, fearing the rats could make a comeback.

He said: ‘We don’t want to stay in the property because rats burrow and they are quick breeders.’

First Wessex operations director Carol Williams said: ‘We are concerned to hear from Mr Bradley that a previous problem with rats has returned and we are working with him as a matter of urgency to rectify this.

‘We are fully aware of the impact that this is having on our resident.’

Mr Bradley said he was seeking legal advice on the matter.