Portsmouth man raped woman and said – ‘I’m so stupid for doing it’

Philip Read is standing trial at Portsmouth Crown Court
Philip Read is standing trial at Portsmouth Crown Court
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A WOMAN said ‘no’ three times before a man raped her while she tried to break free.

Portsmouth Crown Court heard Philip Read, 22, forced himself on the woman and then afterwards told her he was ‘stupid’ for doing so.

Prosecutor Simon Foster told the court the pair had been watching a film together when he got on top of her and raped her with no warning.

Mr Foster said the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, tried to stop Read, of Queen Street, Portsea, by moving on to her side.

He said: ‘She was saying to him “don’t do it” and “no” and said so about three times.’

But Read continued and then afterwards said to her: ‘I’m so stupid for doing it.’

In a recorded interview played in court the woman told jurors: ‘I told him not to do it and I did say no but he didn’t agree with me and he just done it anyway.

‘I said no three times and he knew I said it three times.

‘I told him to get off but he didn’t.’

The court heard how the woman messaged a friend and her boyfriend about what had happened before later crying herself to sleep.

She added: ‘He didn’t speak to me after that he just said he was sorry for doing it and he was stupid for doing it.

‘Before I fell asleep I was crying. It kind of scared me.’

Police were called the following morning when she told her mother what had happened in the night in Portsmouth in March last year.

Mr Foster added: ‘She remembers the defendant saying what was up? She said “you know what’s up”.’

Read pleaded not guilty at a previous hearing and is standing trial.

Mr Foster told jurors: ‘Just because somebody didn’t scream blue murder at the time of a rape doesn’t mean they haven’t been raped.’

He added police body-worn video recorded at the time Read was arrested revealed he said: ‘I shouldn’t have done it, I didn’t mean to, I didn’t mean it.’

The woman knew Read before that night but never had a sexual relationship.

Mr Foster said Read admitted in police interview he had sex with the woman but told officers: ‘I did not force her to have sex with me.’

Mr Foster added: ‘He accepted sexual intercourse had taken place.’

Read spoke from a brief prepared statement in his police interview explaining he had sex with the woman but said no comment to other questions, Mr Foster said.