Portsmouth MP - Question Time was episode of ‘Farage and Brand’

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And the Portsmouth North MP said the comedian was wrong in his belief she wanted to make firefighters work an extra five years.

She said Mr Farage, Ukip leader, and Mr Brand were more interested in themselves than anything else.

‘I suppose the lesson that was learned was it’s a good idea in politics to be at least interested in the people you are trying to serve as you are in yourself,’ Ms Mordaunt said.

‘I think David Dimbleby did very well – it was a Farage and Brand episode really. I enjoyed it and the people of Canterbury enjoyed it.

‘Russell Brand is I am sure very genuine in his concerns about firefighters pensioners. But what he said is not true. Since 2006, firefighters have been asked to work until they are 60 and what I am going to be doing is making some changes to the pension scheme.

‘One of which is if elderly workers or women are lacking or losing their fitness through no fault of their own, they are getting alternative work in the fire services or an unreduced pension.’

Meanwhile, Mr Farage claimed afterwards Mr Brand was exposed as a ‘messiah with feet of clay’.

It comes after Brand condemned Mr Farage as a ‘pound shop Enoch Powell’ on the TV show, which saw the two field questions from an audience on immigration, schools and Brand’s anti-politics campaign.

Writing on his blog, Brand said Mr Farage was ‘worse than stagnant, he is a tribute act, he is a nostalgic spasm for a Britain that never was; an infinite cricket green with no-one from the colonies to raise the game, grammar schools on every corner and shamed women breastfeeding under giant parasols’.