Portsmouth mum scraps plan for last family holiday as she’s told she has just weeks to live

Clare Baillie with her children Evie-Mae and Albie ''Picture: Paul Jacobs (151031-3)
Clare Baillie with her children Evie-Mae and Albie ''Picture: Paul Jacobs (151031-3)
  • Clare Baillie’s condition has worsened
  • Doctors have said she now has just weeks to live
  • Family has asked for compassion and sensitivity at difficult time
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A CANCER sufferer has been told she only has weeks to live.

Clare Baillie, from Baffins, has taken a turn for the worse and has been readmitted to Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham.

It’s now a matter of weeks and not months

Gina Tillett

The 37-year-old will be unable to take her family to Disney World in Florida, which she had dreamed of doing before her condition worsened.

The trip was funded by a campaign backed by The News earlier this month.

Speaking on behalf of the family, friend Gina Tillett said the Baillies were doing their best to cope with the situation and asked for compassion.

Gina said: ‘Clare is going back into hospital for pain management because the pain is quite unbearable.

‘It’s now a matter of weeks and not months. One of her lungs has totally filled with fluid and is no longer in use, and it will be drained. She’s not going to be able to do the holiday, now she just wants it to be something for the kids to look forward to after she dies.’

Clare was diagnosed with cancer three years ago and it has gradually spread around her body.

Despite having the tumour removed and undergoing chemotherapy, several months later she found out the cancer had spread to her liver. However last year the disease had spread to her lungs and then eventually to her kidney.

At the start of August there was a fundraising campaign, #ClaresDisneyDream, to pay for Clare, her husband Kane, and four children to visit Disney World.

The campaign raised thousands of pounds from generous donors.

It was then thought Clare would have months to live and the family hoped to make the trip in September.

Gina said Clare was told she could undergo further chemotherapy, but the outlook was not good.

Gina said: ‘They said the chemotherapy could do one of three things.

‘Either it will make her worse and she will deteriorate more quickly, it will maintain the condition that she’s currently in, which is at the top of a slippery slope or it will make her so sick that she wouldn’t be able to go on.

‘Her initial reaction was to do it but the more she has been thinking about it she doesn’t think it is the right thing for her.

‘She just wants to spend quality time with her family.’