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Barbecue season is finally here. And the weather looks to be picking up too.

Is summer really here? There’s nothing I love more than al fresco dining.

So when the last May bank holiday rolled around, a few of us decided that a barbecue was definitely the best way to spend our spare Sunday.

The lovely weather lady on the telly assured me it was going to be a hot so I felt confident about our plans.

She failed to mention that our island city would be subject to some fairly brisk winds coming off the coast.

Suddenly our plans for an afternoon on the common were thrown into doubt.

I think I cursed it. I had got over excited and bought the whole seasonal aisle in Asda and even went to the effort to do homemade burgers.

Should we just do an indoor grill instead? It seemed a waste of the sun and the bank holiday to just spend it in my shoebox of a flat.

Looking on Facebook I could see friends from around the country improvising and having barbecues on roofs or the smallest patch of green grass they could find.

Suddenly it clicked. Why not utilise the driveway? I’m one of the lucky devils in the city with off-road car parking.

So I shuffled the bins out the way, tidied up the corner of the driveway, salvaged a couple of bricks to put the barbecue on and voila.

Makeshift summer in true city style. I am, hand on heart, head over heels in love with our city; in love with the choice I had to either spent the day at the beach or to be spontaneous and quirky.

Next time Homebase had better watch out as I might end up buying the entire outdoor plants aisle to snazz up the driveway. Bring on summer in the city!