Portsmouth paramedic called to aid hit-and-run cyclist finds the victim is his wife

Jayne Fairbrother
Jayne Fairbrother
  • Nurse knocked off her bike by van in hit-and-run
  • Paramedic husband answers 999 call to find her injured
  • Cyclist now recovering after landing on her face
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INJURED Jayne Fairbrother was given first aid by her paramedic husband after she was knocked off her bike in a hit-and-run crash.

Nurse Jayne was cycling to work when a van tried to overtake but pushed her into the kerb, making her fly over the handlebars of her bike and land face-first on the ground.

Jayne Fairbrother and Mick Fairbrother

Jayne Fairbrother and Mick Fairbrother

An off-duty police officer and two nurses rushed to help and called 999 – with Jayne’s paramedic husband Mick arriving in an ambulance.

Jayne, 48, said: ‘I’ve gone flying over the handlebars, my left knee hit the pavement and the worst thing is I can remember my face hitting the floor.

‘That’s the bit I wake up in the night about – I can feel it.’

She added: ‘He was just so close and when I looked over my shoulder I could see him he was that close.

‘He tried to get past me and as he’s gone past he’s pushed me on to the kerb.’

Jayne had been on her way to work at the St Mary’s minor injuries unit on April 28 when she was hit at about 10.20am in St Mary’s Road in Portsmouth.

She was hurt after the crash outside Portsmouth Academy for Girls, but was glad when husband Mick, 49, arrived.

‘As soon as I saw him I burst into tears,’ she said.

Mick added: ‘I was a teeny-weeny bit worried.

‘Attending to your own wife is not the call that you want.’

He and crew mate Susan Mitchell attended to Jayne, who suffered cuts and bruises to her nose, top and bottom lips, left knee and right hand.

She insisted on being taken to her place of work where colleagues – who she praises – patched her up.

Hampshire police have since launched an appeal to try and track down the driver of the white van, who drove off after crashing into Jayne.

She was wearing a helmet and high-visibility clothes at the time. ‘Luckily my helmet saved my head,’ she added.

Mick, who lives with Jayne on the Isle of Wight, took his wife to the minor injuries unit where she was treated by colleagues.

Anyone with information should call PC Rob Giles at Havant Roads Policing Unit. He said: ‘There were lots of people around, many of whom stopped to help the cyclist.

‘None have so far been able to give any details of the vehicle. I’d therefore like to hear from anyone who saw the van or who knows anything that could assist with our inquiries.’

Call 101 or the anonymous Crimestoppers line on 0800 555 111.