Portsmouth pub landlord to launch new beer festival at city community centre

Paul Jevons from the Sir Loin of Beef
Paul Jevons from the Sir Loin of Beef
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A NEW beer festival is to be launched in Portsmouth.

Paul Jevons, landlord of The Sirloin of Beef, in Eastney, is planning to hold a real ale bash at Eastney Community Centre, in Bransbury Park, on April 23.

There will be an afternoon and evening session with live entertainment.

Proceeds will be put back into the running of the community centre.

Sixteen beers will be on offer, with an alcoholic strength of between four and five per cent.

Paul has assembled a sub-committee including Malcolm Irving, from Irving & Brewers, in Portsmouth, and Martyn Constable, of The Oakleaf Brewing Company, in Gosport, to help make the occasion a success.

Paul, who has not run his own beer festival before, said he wants to help make a difference in the community.

He said: ‘I have been going to Denmead Beer Festival for the last three or four years and thought, we don’t have anything like that in Eastney to benefit the local community.

‘So I went ahead and had a chat with the community centre and was given the okay to do it.

He added: ‘It will benefit the community centre because if I was to rent a room at the centre, it would cost me £60 a day.

‘Whereas with a beer festival, it could make up to £3,000.’

The lunch session will feature a performance from a guitarist called ‘Griller’ and Dead Crow Road will perform in the evening.

Paul said guests will be given glasses that hold two-thirds of a pint to drink from, as opposed to a pint as it’s too much and a half is often too small a measure.

Tickets will soon go on sale at The Sirloin of Beef and the community centre.