Portsmouth residents urged to clear ditches to prevent winter flooding

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RESIDENTS are being urged to clear their ditches and drain their gullies as part of an effort to prevent flooding this winter,

The appeal was made by Hampshire County Council, which, since April, has been clearing more than 60,000 gullies and 4,600 catchpits and has completed 22 major drainage schemes.

But the council’s cabinet member for economy, transport and environment 
councillor Sean Woodward said locals needed to play their part too.

‘We can’t prevent flooding completely but there is a lot that we can all do to reduce the impact on our neighbourhoods,’ Cllr Woodward said.

‘I’m asking residents if they can regularly check ditches and watercourses on their own land to make sure they are clear of leaves, vegetation and other debris and not blocked up by grass cuttings or other rubbish.’

The authority spends more than £2m a year maintaining 900 kilometres of highway drains and more than 200,000 roadside gullies.

However, there are many gullies and watercourses on private land which can be blocked and which can often lead to flooding after heavy rainfall.

For flooding advice, see hants.gov.uk/flooding