Portsmouth’s council leader urges court to remove order against Ashya King

Donna Jones
Donna Jones

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THE leader of Portsmouth City Council is urging the UK’s High Court to allow the parents of Ashya King to seek alternative treatment for his brain tumour today.

Brett and Naghmeh King were allowed to visit their son in a Spanish hospital today after being released from police custody.

But the court must give permission for them to take him away and travel to Prague for proton beam therapy.

That’s because an order was made at the High Court last Friday making it the legal guardian of Ashya while his whereabouts were unknown and there were concerns over his medical care.

Now Cllr Donna Jones, leader of Portsmouth City Council, is urging a judge to remove the order ahead of a scheduled hearing on Monday over the situation.

She said: ‘I am deeply disturbed that the King family have been through such an ordeal today whilst visiting Ashya.

‘I urge the court to review this situation urgently, including where and what country Ashya can receive treatment, if this is what the parents want.

‘It’s obvious there has been a misunderstanding today.

‘I understand contact is being made with the family to try and discuss the situation.

‘However I want to send a heartfelt message to Mr and Mrs King that I am here for them and I will do all I can to support them.”’

All decisions about Ashya’s medical treatment have been the responsibility of the High Court since last Friday.

These decisions do not rest with the council and the council does not have parental responsibility for Ashya.

Efforts are being made to contact Mr and Mrs King’s solicitor to make sure this is explained to them.