Portsmouth teenager celebrates music success

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A MUSICAL 14-year-old is celebrating the release of her first EP on iTunes.

Heather-Elizabeth Bailey's seven-track album Shadows is now available on iTunes and Spotify.

The Charter Academy student, pictured, of Cottage Grove, Somers Town, is a self-taught guitarist and describes her style as easy listening and a bit folk-like.

She said: 'Music is my passion and this is a really big moment for me - I'm so excited about the release and I hope it is a success so that I can make a career out of it.'

Heather-Elizabeth started playing the flute when she was in year three at Cottage Grove Primary but admits she was tone deaf when it came to singing.

She said: 'I loved singing but I didn't think I was very good at it until year seven when I joined the school choir which really helped me get my tuning right.

'I got better at singing, my confidence grew, and I haven't looked back since.'

Heather-Elizabeth's EP was produced by the music mentoring scheme at the King's Church, in Elm Grove, who support young artists. To buy a hard copy of her EP, email uk_pompeygirl@ntlworld.com.