Portsmouth theatre hopes it has beaten longest-running comedy record

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A PORTSMOUTH theatre is hoping it’s smashed the world record for the longest-running comedy show.

As reported, 64 comedians have been a performing a non-stop stand-up routine arranged by the New Theatre Royal since Saturday afternoon at Fratton Park.

Organisers say they beat the record of 80 hours at precisely 9.21pm tonight, and will announce the new record time once the event finishes at 10.15pm.

It comes after the venue sought to smash the record for the longest-running air guitar performance, which was led by 90s pop star Chesney Hawkes at Fratton Park before the show started.

The theatre will find out in the next couple of weeks from bosses at The Guinness World Records whether both will make the record books.

Adam Carroll-Smith, the theatre’s marketing manager, said: ‘It’s fantastic. Everyone has worked really hard and the team have pulled together to make this happen.’