Portsmouth to face freezing temperatures this week - but will there be snow?

Credit: Thomas Dudden
Credit: Thomas Dudden
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Make sure you wrap up warm if you’re going out this week, as temperatures in Portsmouth are set to plummet over the next few days.

With winter settling in the wind chill will see minimum temperatures of zero degrees tomorrow morning, although Met Office has said it will feel several degrees colder.

The cold weather is expected to last for the foreseeable future, with the sun of the next few days replaced by a more cloudy outlook for the rest of the week.

Forecasters have said there is a small chance of snow over the next week as a strong breeze from the north west sinks downwards.

But perhaps unfortunately for those in Portsmouth, the Met Office has said that despite snow possibly falling on higher ground it is very unlikely we will see any sleet in our area.

Last week Portsmouth City Council released advice on the best ways for people to stay warm this winter.