Portsmouth unemployment benefit claims fall by 150

UENMPLOYMENT claims are still falling
UENMPLOYMENT claims are still falling

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THE number of people claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance in the Portsmouth area has fallen.

Out-of-work benefit claimants fell in Portsmouth from 3,479 in April to 3,326 in May - representing a total of 153 people.

Gosport saw a fall of 60 claimants to 893, while in Havant, the number of Jobseeker’s Allowance claimants fell by 53 in April to 1,641.

And in Fareham, the number went down by 0.1 per cent from 645 in April to 570 last month

Nationally, employment rose by a record 345,000 in the three months to April but Britain’s workers were squeezed by a dramatic slowdown in pay growth, official figures from the Office for National Statistics showed.

The number of people in work stood at 30.54m, after a rise which was the highest since records began in 1971.

Unemployment fell by 161,000 to 2.16m, with the jobless rate dropping to 6.6 per cent.

Neil Carberry, CBI director for employment and skills, said: ‘While there is still lots to do to tackle unemployment, this is an unprecedented rise in the number of people in work. And more than three times as many people found full-time than part-time work in another positive sign for the recovery.

‘The private sector is driving new jobs with positions created across a range of sectors, from entertainment to transport.’