Portsmouth vicar joins Scouts to become ambassador

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YOUNG Scouts in Portsmouth have a new ambassador on their side.

Father Bob White, the vicar of the parish of St Mary’s in Portsea, has become the third ambassador for the Portsmouth Scouts.

Ambassadors are there to promote Scouting and encourage people to join the movement.

Father Bob said: ‘It is a great honour to be invited to be an ambassador for Scouting in the city.

‘My son is a Cub Scout in Portsmouth and I know how much he and his friends benefit from their activities.

‘There has always been a close link between Scouting and faith communities, and I am happy to play a part in promoting that and supporting those who willingly and generously provide their time as volunteer leaders.’

District Commissioner Ron Jacobs added: ‘Scouting ambassadors are prominent people who support us in transforming the lives of young people.’