Portsmouth’s Solent Forts appear in new Paddy Power advert – rebranded as ‘Brexit bunker’ and starring Eric Cantona

THEY have stood off the coast of Portsmouth for more than 150 years and have a long history of protecting our country.

By kimberley.barber1
Thursday, 21st March 2019, 12:09 pm

Now Spitbank Fort, a luxury hotel that is part of the Solent Forts, has undergone a rebrand for a television advert – re-emerging as a ‘Brexit bunker’.

The forts, nicknamed Palmerston’s Follies, which stand off the Portsmouth coast in the Solent, are owned by Clarenco, a company run by millionaire entrepreneur Mike Clare.

Spitbank Fort was hired by Irish bookmakers Paddy Power, which filmed an advert featuring former French footballer Eric Cantona.

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In the advert, which also features a competition to stay there, Eric recreates prime minister Theresa May’s infamous dance moves, mocks Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg, and references May’s predecessor David Cameron’s alleged passion for pigs.

The Manchester United legend also shows how the facility comes stocked with supplies and rations – including tinned sardines.

Eric said: ‘I have created the Brexit Bunker: a British Noah’s Ark! Here, one specially selected Brit can take shelter from the constant bombardment of Brexit chatter, thanks to Cantona and Paddy Power.’

A spokesman for Paddy Power said: ‘Who better to help solve Brexit than Europe’s finest export, Eric Cantona?

‘The Frenchman has opened our Brexit Bunker, where he practised his Prime Ministerial duties – dancing, that is – and now wants to offer a lucky Brit the chance to escape the ensuing political noise. And where else to do that than a fortified structure in the middle of the sea?’

A spokesman for the forts said: ‘Our Solent Forts are a national treasure and to be part of a tongue-in-cheek broadcast campaign, as well as welcome a footballing legend like Eric Cantona has put the spotlight on them once again.

‘Contrary to images in the advertisement, Spitbank Fort has not been rebranded, rather subject to some clever post edit additions.

‘We can confirm that it is still called Spitbank Fort and still available for people to hire exclusively for events, weddings, parties and even advertising campaigns.

‘We are always on hand to help our corporate partners create their vision of how they want to experience our Solent Forts, but are not connected with this particular campaign other than being the stunning backdrop.’

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