Praise for carers who go the extra mile

THANKS Andy Bundy praises carers who do their jobs well
THANKS Andy Bundy praises carers who do their jobs well
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Andy Bundy, secretary of the Havant Area Disability Access Group (Hadag), talks about the difficulties face by carers of the disabled

Whilst contemplating the underside of my car, lying face-down in the road, I suddenly felt the need to re-think this week’s article.

‘Why?’ I hear you ask.


I had stopped to pick up a friend and was heading back to my car at which point my body decided that vertical locomotion was over-rated.

For once – my world view was turned on its head.

Cars stopped, people ran over, and suddenly I had my own fan club dedicated to getting me up again.

You know who you are – I salute and thank you.

In the same vein, I came across a story of an agency carer, very similar to those who support me, who had considerable concerns over a lady in her care who was not getting the amount of care she was entitled to, and who was becoming more frail by the day.

This young lady had followed procedure for two weeks by informing her manager – but nothing happened.

Reality check: most domiciliary (in-home) carers receive minimum wage, do not drive, and rely on taxis which often they have to pay for, or walking, across poorly-planned wide ‘patches’ of calls.

Average hours are between 6am and 10pm.

Working hours regulations – hah.

Back to the point here, the carer called the lady’s GP, and waited through her break to help explain the problem.

By the evening, the lady was happily being cared for in a residential home, in safety and with company.

My question – this was a ‘pensioner dies alone’ story but for one person going the extra mile, technically against the rules.

I’m not a fan of Christmas ‘goodwill’ movies – but if we all go at least an extra few yards this winter to help a friend or relative, lives may well be improved, even saved.

Despite the New Care Act, we’ll continue to hear far worse stories as cuts in funding and benefits, seemingly to pay for faster trains, continue to ravage the system many pensioners both literally fought for, and paid for.

Working with other groups, we’d like your stories through either or by post to Hadag, c/o the Public Service Plaza in Havant.

n You can also get in touch with Hadag by e-mailing or calling 07518 008 091.