Praise for navy brothers who saved woman’s life

(left to right)   PO(PT) Darren Herron and CPO(PT) Lee Herron'' ''Picture: Malcolm Wells (133443-1890)
(left to right) PO(PT) Darren Herron and CPO(PT) Lee Herron'' ''Picture: Malcolm Wells (133443-1890)
Waverley Road. Picture: Google Maps

Southsea teenager found after going missing for four days

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HERO brothers who saved the life of a woman outside a Southsea pub have spoken of the dramatic night.

Darren and Lee Herron, who are both physical trainers in the Royal Navy, were able to put their first aid training into use and saved a woman who was choking on her tongue after she was hit by a car.

The victim, who is in her 40s, left the pub shortly before the collision outside The Festing pub in Festing Road on November 30.

Lee, 31, explained: ‘We were in the pub watching a band.

‘One of the members is our mate who is also in the navy.

‘We went outside to call a taxi. That’s when we saw her get hit by the car. We ran over and I went to her.

‘There were people starting to gather around and some people were upset. There was a lot of blood – she was in a bad way.’

At the same time a fight broke out, which prevented paramedics getting to her before police support arrived.

The chief petty officer, who was in Portsmouth for a training course, added: ‘My brother was trying to calm the situation down.

‘I got her on her side and cleared her airway – then all the navy first aid training came in.

‘We’ve done the training – we use open wounds and fake blood to practise with.

‘When these things happen, you don’t have a chance to think about it.

‘It was a pretty dramatic experience. It was good that we could keep a level head.’

Petty officer Darren, who is 29 and based at HMS Temeraire, said it was his brother’s actions that saved the woman’s life.

‘We went over straight away and I called for an ambulance and got the police,’ he said.

‘Lee did most of the work with her. There is no doubt he saved her life.

‘She was in a bad way. There was so much blood. I was too busy with her to notice the fighting.’

The woman was discharged from hospital after a few days.

Her daughter told The News: ‘If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have my mum here today.’

Captain Mark Durkin of HMS Temeraire said: ‘The quick-thinking actions of physical training instructors Darren and Lee Herron are to be applauded.

‘It is typical that these two brothers would act to help someone in need and Darren and Lee clearly saw the need on this occasion to act extremely quickly as someone’s life was at risk.’

n A 38-year-old man from Southsea was arrested on suspicion of driving with excess alcohol and leaving the scene of an accident and has been bailed until February 10.