Praise for Scas and QA Hospital medics after girl suffers brain injury

THE family of a girl who was hospitalised after suffering a brain haemorrhage have thanked the exceptional staff who treated her.

Monday, 30th July 2018, 3:49 pm
Updated Monday, 30th July 2018, 3:52 pm

Livvy Coates spent a few days in Queen Alexandra Hospital when she started feeling sick and faint after falling over while playing football.

The eight-year-old did not hit her head in the fall on July 18 but it is thought she suffered a whiplash-type injury which caused bleeding on the brain. She has since recovered.

Her dad Mark and grandad Richard want to thank the paramedics and paediatric team for their quick reaction and excellent care.

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Mark, from Hayling Island, said: '˜Livvy fell over while playing football and, although she didn't hit her head directly, she became faint and Mengham Junior School rang us immediately. 

'˜When she got home she was vomiting, pale and fainted twice before she forgot my name. 

'˜Livvy's grandad, who is a community first responder, called 999 and Livvy was given an ECG in the ambulance. The paramedics and other first responders were speaking to her but she was still confused and kept wanting to go to sleep.'

Livvy was taken to QA Hospital, in Cosham, and underwent a series of tests.

'˜When we arrived at A&E the staff were exceptional,' Mark said.

'˜While maintaining their calm and child-friendly manner, they rushed Livvy through blood tests and a CT scan within the hour.

'˜Then, working with consultant neurologists at Southampton, analysed the bleed on the brain the scans had revealed.'

The tests showed the bleed had not caused permanent damage and after spending a few days on Shipwreck Ward being monitored, Livvy was discharged.

She said: '˜I was worried and wanted to see my brother but the nurses were really encouraging and assured me and my parents.'

Mark added: '˜Nothing was too much trouble for the nurses and staff. Livvy's treatment was rapid, effective and caring and what we experienced was world-class.

'˜Livvy is now bright and bubbly again although she's not allowed to play football until September.'

Richard, part of the Hayling Island Community First Responders, said Livvy's illness is an example of why parents need to be extra cautious with potential head injuries.

'˜The message from it is you don't take an injury to the head lightly and always assume it's something more serious,' he said.

'˜Because the medical teams did that, it has all turned out okay.'

Simon Hunter, a consultant in emergency medicine at QA Hospital, said the team are pleased to hear Livvy is recovering well.

He added: '˜The staff always enjoy getting feedback from patients and families as it provides a real lift when the treatment and management they have given has had such a good outcome. 

'˜The care delivered to Livvy was a real team effort starting with the South Central Ambulance Service crew who recognised the significance of the symptoms Livvy was showing and who initially pre-alerted her arrival to the department.'