Pregnant women urged to get jab

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PREGNANT women are being urged to protect themselves against seasonal flu by getting vaccinated as soon as possible.

Flu is highly infectious and is four times more likely to develop complications and a need for hospital admission in pregnant women.

All pregnant women can get the seasonal flu jab free of charge through their GP.

Noeleen McFarland, public health manager for NHS Hampshire, said: 'We are strongly advising pregnant women to take advantage of the offer of the flu jab.

'The flu vaccine has been licensed for use in pregnancy by the European Medicines Agency.

'Therefore, regardless of the stage of pregnancy, there is no evidence to suggest the vaccine will do any harm.

'It will provide protection for you and your baby.'

The flu jab is also available to other target groups including over-65s, people with long-term health conditions and front-line health workers.

If you are in the at-risk categories and have not had your jab, contact your GP.