Probe into Waterlooville bangs mystery uncovers truth

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THE source of mysterious banging noises in the Waterlooville area that led to a flurry of 999 calls has been revealed.

An investigation by Havant Borough Council has uncovered what has been making such a racket – bird scarers.

It comes after police and local authorities received dozens of calls about a regular booming noise that has been going on from the crack of dawn until dusk.

It follows several theories about the sources of the loud bangs. Some people put it down to the firework season, while others thought it might be construction work.

George Goldring, 65, of Sunnymead Drive, Waterlooville, was bewildered as to where it was coming from.

He said: ‘It started about two weeks ago at about 7.30am.

‘It was bang, bang, bang, then there would be a few minutes silence.

‘We have a big conservatory and you could hear it all the time.’

Havant Borough Council received more than 20 complaints, and there have been calls to Winchester City Council.

Officers soon discovered the noise was from bird scarers at several farms in Waterlooville and Denmead.

Sally Foster, a spokeswoman for Havant council, said there were seven bird scarers in the area.

They go off every 20 minutes from sunrise to sunset.

She said: ‘Farmers are reporting that owing to bad weather and birds eating their crops they are 40 per cent down on their harvest. The bad weather has not allowed natural vegetation to grow such as wild berries.

‘Therefore birds are eating the farmers’ seeds that, owing to the bad weather, are not germinating as quickly as the farmer would like.

‘Environmental health officers have been out on site to check the noise and advised farmers to put bales of hay around some of the bird scarers to muffle the noise close to households.’

She said the bird scarers complied with national guidelines.

A huge bang heard at 12.35am on October 26 has still not been explained.

The loud boom in Waterlooville could be heard as far as Southsea, but police have failed to find out the cause.