Protesters hold sit-in at Barclays bank

Portsmouth & Southsea railway station by Andy Cooper

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AROUND 20 people were involved in a ‘sit-in’ protest at Barclays Bank in Commercial Road, Portsmouth.

Demonstrators entered the bank at 1pm on Saturday and sat down on the floor for just over an hour.

The protest was organised by campaigning group UK Uncut and came as part of a nationwide day of action against the bank.

It followed revelations that the bank had paid only one per cent corporation tax on pre-tax profits of £11.6 billion in 2009.

Protesters in the city leafleted people and spoke outside the Portsmouth branch while about 20 people entered Barclays and sat down.

The police were called but protesters remained until they chose to leave at 2.15pm.

France Vigay, who was part of the protest, said: ‘People set up a library inside to highlight the effects of the cuts which are being made on important public services to pay for the economic crisis caused by banks such as Barclays.’

A short video was also recorded of the sit-in and posted on YouTube.