Pub floods in Eastney after last night’s storm

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REGULARS at a pub came together to help clear it of flood water.

After last nights storms, the Fort Cumberland Arms, on Eastney Road, in Southsea, had six feet of flooding in the cellar and more flooding in the pub.

It happened after a drain outside got blocked.

Regular customer of the pub, Tim House, heard about the damage and wanted to help.

The 48-year-old said: ‘At around 10.30am I heard about all the flooding at the pub.

‘I put a message out on Facebook and got some friends together to help clear it.

‘By around 2pm, we have managed to pump out most the water and have only got the last six inches to go.’

The pub was meant to be hosting its Christmas Eve party but Tim is hopeful it will carry on.

He added: ‘We are confident that the party will go ahead because people have been working really hard to get he pub clear.

‘One man came with a water pump and others came with vacuum cleaners to sort out the carpet.

‘There has been a real feel of community spirit.’