Pub is flooded by high tide

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A HIGH tide of 5m has caused some localised flooding in the Chichester Harbour area.

Water began pouring into the Anchor Bleu, in High Street, Bosham, after 11am and flooded the bar area with two or three inches of water.

FLOODING Kings Quay, Emsworth last night

FLOODING Kings Quay, Emsworth last night

The pub suffered some damage last October when a spring tide caused flooding, but staff were hopeful this time would not be as bad.

Alice Ladbrooke, bar manager, said: ‘We lost some fridges last time, but we are propping everything up on bricks.

‘We are just waiting for it to subside.

‘We have had a few of the die-hard customers wade through and sit on the patio with the tide around them.

‘The water is coming quite high up High Street and it’s locked us off from that part of the village.

‘I have never seen it flood on such a pleasant day to be honest.

‘It’s a beautiful sunny day but the water is just pouring through the wall like a little waterfall.

‘I think we will probably be fine. We will just have to do a lot of drying out of the wooden floorboards.’

Meanwhile, there was flooding in some harbourside roads in Emsworth last night after a high tide of 4.9m at about 11pm.

The Environment Agency provided sand bags and no properties were flooded.

The bottom of South Street was flooded in Emsworth and is expected to flood again today as it normally does whenever there is a spring tide.

Giles Babb, who runs The Blue Bell Inn, in South Street, said: ‘Water was pouring over into the Mill Pond where there was high tide.

‘Luckily there were not too many cars parked in the quay.

‘The Environment Agency put sand bags out in certain place and some extra precautions are being taken.’

Predictions were for a high tide of 5.2m in Langstone Harbour at 11.40am.

A high tide of 5m was expected in Chichester Harbour at 11.24am.

Chris Clode, chairman of Emsworth Flood Action Group, said no properties were flooded last night and he was not expecting any major flooding today as the weather conditions are calm.

He said the Mill Pond is working as it should, with water pouring over the sills at high tide.

The water is then drained out by the Environment Agency through the sluices at low tide.

Mr Clode said: ‘The Mill Pond is well below its top limit.

‘I was down here at 11.15pm last night at high tide and everything was okay.’

He said there had been no flooding in Bridge Road or Selangor Avenue – two areas that have been seriously flooded in the past.

Gilbert Park, of Harbour Way, Emsworth, took a picture of the tide coming up Kings Quay in Emsworth.

He said: ‘Most residents in the at risk area at risk had time to prepare their property with sandbags and boards in case the worst happened. A few people were away and cars were awash.

‘The force of the wind blowing the sea up the slip can clearly be seen.

‘With climate change and the consequent rise in tides residents are anxious to know when a flood gate will be fitted to this slip to prevent further damage to property and cars.’

Officials from the Environment Agency say they are monitoring the situation closely.

Ian Nunn, operations manager at the Environment Agency, said: ‘Gale force winds, high spring tides, and stormy conditions have combined to create conditions that could have an impact along the South East coast.

‘Those who live in coastal communities in Kent, Sussex, and Hampshire should think about the precautions they can take to limit the damage a flood can cause to themselves and their property.

‘The Environment Agency are monitoring the forecast and our staff have been out over the weekend inspecting beaches and checking our assets, and we have been working with our partners to ensure everyone is well prepared.

‘I would encourage people to be prepared.’